I was recently lucky enough to visit artist James Cauty’s excellent ‘Aftermath Dislocation Principle’ as it tours around England. The work was a major highlight of Banksy’s Dismaland and is now on tour, known as the ADP Riot Tour. I wasn’t able to make it to Dismaland, and this was the work that I would have most liked to have seen, so when I discovered it was coming to a town (relatively) near me, I jumped at the chance to go and see it.

I first became aware of Cauty’s work after a recommendation by a friend which pointed me towards his Riot in a Jam Jar series, which I wrote about in my blog post The Art of the Small.

© James Cauty, Riot in a Jam Jar, 2011-2015.

The Aftermath Dislocation Principle can be seen as a continuation of this series but on a much larger scale. The work takes the form of a 1:87 scale post-riot landscape populated only by police and media crews.

The scale of the work is impressive, with tower blocks, roads, fly-overs, rows of street lamps, fields, churches, fast-food restaurants and patches of waste ground. Over 3000 police officers peer nervously over the edge of ripped up motorways or stand looking bewildered in the shadow of looming tower blocks, in a bleak vision of a dystopian Britain. The lighting of the work is extremely effective – lines of street lamps stretch into the distance, blue lights flicker and flash on police cars, and the searchlights from helicopters pass over the broken landscape.


The work is housed in a shipping container and viewed through ports on the side. The container itself has become heavily graffitied since the tour began, something which has been embraced and encouraged by the team behind the tour.


It is an extremely impressive piece of work, and when I visited the atmosphere around the container was buzzing, engaging with people who might not otherwise be interested in art if it were shown in a gallery setting.

I would highly recommend seeing the tour if you get chance. I saw the work in Folkestone, Kent and it is there until the 15th of August. More information about the ADP Riot Tour can be seen here, including news and upcoming tour locations.

A short video of the work can be seen here, showing some of the incredible detail and lighting effects which are hard to capture in a photograph.

You can find out more about The Aftermath Dislocation Principle as well as James Cauty’s other work on his website.

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